Martindale House

Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

Sam’s Heart Provide High-Quality Programming

Residential treatment is a significant step in your child’s mental health journey. A residential treatment program is an excellent option if your child needs a higher level of care than outpatient therapy. Residential Treatment programs can help them overcome mental health challenges and reach their full potential.

During residential treatment, your child participates in robust therapy sessions and has access to psychiatric services. They also receive an aftercare program that will help them build a solid foundation for a life of healing.

We Focus On Outcomes

  • This approach ensures we provide your child with proven treatments that work, such as dialectical behavior therapy and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy.

Our Caring, Licensed Professionals Get To the Heart of the Matter

  • The goal of therapy is not symptom reduction but healthy outcomes, which are often correlated with health and healing.

Our Therapeutic, Educational Team Guides Your Child’s Healing

  • We offer therapeutic educational consultants who can provide advocacy, assessments, guidance, and support as your family researches treatment options.

We Have Rigorous Standards of Treatment

  • We work with families, community service providers, and oversight agencies to ensure services are administered with compassion.

Our Framework Focuses On Healing and Strengthening Your Child

  • United Colours Sam’s Heart matches a Developmental Framework that is designed around the functional, mental, and physical health of each unique child, teenager, and their families by creating joy.

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